Upgrade 650L to 600R Specs

I have a well used 93 650L that I would like to upgrade to 600R state of tuning, or slightly better. It already is unplugged, with a Supertrapp silencer and 600R carb (PD8AF). Besides the muffler, carb, compression ratio and displacement, are there any significant differences between the two motors that would affect horsepower? Are the camshaft specs the same, or does the 650L have a "smog cam"?

If the cams are the same I may bore slightly oversize and raise the compression to around 10:1. I would like to have a torque monster so I can still ride lazy yet have more fun, wheelie faster, etc.

you can get a lot more torque, and wheelie to your heart's delight, without affecting reliability and spending $$$, by just gearing her down

I think the L compression ratio is lower. Did they just bore a 600 to get 650cc's or did they stroke it as well?


I think the there is more flywheel weight on the L.

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