bad wreck tonight, now some troubles with the pig.

I did some keyword searches and didn't come up with any answers, so here is my problem:

We had been riding for a couple hours and were on the way back to the pickups, so I had already bombed this muddy ditch once before no problems. Just as I got to it, second gear high revs, pulled it back into a wheelie and dropped the rear tire into the ditch. Noticed what was wrong right then as the rut that I took (pickup and jeep ruts) this time turned to the left instead of a straight shot through. I lost it. Bike went right, I bailed to the left. The bike flipped and spun a couple times (the guys I was riding with said three or four) and came to rest and stalled :)

now, I picked it back up, tried to kick it...

nothing. Not a problem, probably flooded.

Pull the decompression lever to kick it over a few times and clean it out... and...

solid as a rock. Without the decomp lever pulled in it would kick like normal. But pull the decomp lever, and you would have been better off trying to kickstart a concrete block :D

any ideas on what could have caused this/solution to the issue?

another problem I had was stalling at the top of a huge hill run, but I'm sure thats just the stock carb problems.

sorry for being so long winded.

:) No idea was it in neutral, suck up some water.. :D

it was in nuetral, made sure of that after i cleared my head a bit, and I don't see anyway it could have sucked any water in, it went airborn and cleared the water by a good three feet before landing again. I on the other hand landed right in the juciest pit of mud you could imagine. and it was the sitcky gumbo crap too.

this wreck has convinced me to invest in body armor ASAP as well :)

Sounds like it landed on the decompressor lever, I don't know what that would do but it looks like a good place to look.

did you get it running again?

if not, maybe you broke the cam chain and the cams not turning, so the valves arent opening. if the cams stuck it TDC, then no kicky kicky.

It started running after about 20 minutes of kicking it the hard way.

Every inch of free space on the bike was packed full of mud and took me several hours to clean out, so after work tonight I'll see if it wasn't just something jammed up because of the mud.

I had a get off like that once...flat out in 3rd on an XR a jump...front wheel hit a slippy stone at the top of the jump and washed out upon leaving the jump....was full lock on front wheel for about 20 metres before I went over the bars......yes...I would`ve payed money to see your get off too!!!...hope YOU are alright....the bike can wait!!!.... :):D:):D

Just the normal post wreck soreness for me, nothing I'm not used to :D. Its been raining for the last 18 hours too, can't wait to go out and hit that ditch again :)

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