Why do Yamahas come so plugged up? No other mfg does.

450xs get the smog pump INSIDE the engine so you can't remove it easily. :) I'd much rather have more stuff to remove but actually be able to. :D:worthy::D


Come on Bud get your facts right before you babble....Honda's smog pumps are mounted on the outside just like a Yamaha....several company's make block off kits for them :)

Yamaha assumes that their customers have the intelligence to remove the restrictions.. :) TTR's and XR's are marketed for the recreational non mechanically inclined users..Just my 2c :D

Just wondering why Yamaha cant sell a bike ready to ride. The new 450X dosent come all choked up and I dont think anybody elses do either.

It all comes down to emission, both from the tail pipe and the sound emission. They wanted to green sticker these. They realized they can be uncorked, but if they were not emission certified originally from the factory, then it can never be emission certified, ever!

there is no justification for it in this country. maybe yamaha is trying to pass noise standards somewhere else. note that ktm and husaberg seem to be able to sell a bike that will run, and is reasonably quiet, and has no air-pump b.s. and they were among the first ones to have green sticker bikes that weren't toys.


The KTM and Husaberg MSO (manufacturers statement of origin) does not designate these as off road bikes, its just called "cycle" while the Japanese bikes are all MSO'd as "off road/competition" even if the KTM and Husabergs are off road, which we know they are.

Yes my X has a smog pump and was lean....but WRs have had that throttle stop since 2000??? right?? why. they were concidered Red sticker back then

No, 400 and the 426 were green, but I'm not sure if it was a grandfatherd in type deal. The 450 in 03 and 04 were red. The 05 is green again. I read an article on the 04 where they were tinkering with noise and tail pipe emissions, if they made it quiet enough, exhaust emissions came up and visa versa. I notice they dropeed the compression a bit for the 05 and in addition to adding the AIS which really cleans up HC's (hydrocarbons/unburnt fuel)

Back in 2000??? I dont think there were any?

Enduro noise standards.

They limited db at "half throttle"... limit the stop screw and you've cut the half-throttle position, reducing noise.

My company represents a division of Yamaha owned by their Intelligent Machinery Division. Yamaha is a VERY conservative company.

They wanted green stickers from 98-02, but neither Yam nor DMV had all their ducks in a row. The rules kept changing. So, they approached it a little at a time. They put some easily modified controls on throttle opening, airbox, jetting, and ignition. They changed to the 450, which changed all the rules again. Also, DMV and CARB finally fixed the rules (which grandfathered WR's up to 02). Now it makes sense to put money into meeting DMV standards. Not by a little, but by a lot (remember, Yamaha doesn't take chances). That way, there is never any reason for CARB to question their compliance.

The 2005 WR250F was meant to be green sticker, but someone didn't turn in the application paperwork in time. Guess there's a job opening at Yamaha. That won't happen for 2006.

Honda had an extra 6 years to develop a 450 with emissions and noise as part of the original design criteria. So, it stands to reason they would eventually meet green sticker standards once the 450X was released. KTM just designed a very conventional 4 stroke engine and jetted it super lean. Pretty impressive for a small company.

Just the same, I think I'll keep my WR.

Some folks want a trail bike- and fools like me have no business riding a YZ- So fools like me who have never owned an OR machine go and bike a WR- then fools like me at 45- do the mods, love the the WR, and this fool goes out and starts riding it on a MX track, and it spits you off and dislocates their shoulder- And it takes a week to get the parts in, and less than a week later us fools go out and ride the bike on the same MX track. Truth be told- I should have left the bike stock- But I love the power this bike has now, and can't get enough of it. After spending all these years on the road, I really enjoy taking my WR out and riding the trails.

If your toys can't kill you----- sell them

on a 2001 xr650 the smog pump is behind the radiator. very easy to get to. not sure about the 450s.

WRs have had that throttle stop since 2000??? right??

mine didn't :)

my 04 was even decently jetted out of the box :D just pull out the but plug and ride. i did not even do any intake or carb mods for over a month.

You know.......I was kind of angry at first that I had to pull all this junk off my bike(s) to get to the real machine that it's supposed to be. But now I kind of thought it was fun. It gave me a chance to familiarize myself more with the bike and learn a few things along the way. It's pretty easy stuff to do if you think about it. Like someone else said, if you are that bothered by having to do the mods, then maybe a 0 maintenance bike like an XR/TTR is more your speed. I'm sure the corporate giant that is Yamaha, doesn't spend money on extra bike parts if they don't have to have them. With some very minor tweakification, THIS BIKE RULES! :)

I'm actually tempted to buy an 05 just to see how fast I could pull all the sh!t off of it. :)

There is definitely a sweet prize at the bottom of this box of cereal, you just have to dig a little to get to it. :D

I was bummed that my dealer did all the mods for me (except the ais). :)

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