Rear Chainguide for "L" height adj.

I was wondering if there is a height adjustable aftermarket chainguide for the rear? My original has so deep worn grooves that it is grinding the chainplates left and right and I had to take it off for right now.

The reason why I would like one that is adjustable is because I am thinking to go to a 50 in the rear. For the 48 I am on right now it looks like the original chainguide sits already to high.

Thanks for any input


PS: this question is for a XR650"L"


I need to know this too! Have a 47 on now, need to go larger. Friend said he used a Moose (I think it was a Moose) chain guide that made no difference. Anyone knw what to use?

'02 XR650L Ronnie

Don't know about the aftermarket avail., but folks have made a little bracket that moves the guard down a little.

If someone comes up with an aftermarket, part, let us know!


hmmm that's why I havn't had any luck finding anything yet - if no one knows about it here I guess I have to make something myself...


Some one just responded to post i put out that white bros. has something. i have not checked it out yet.

I went to a 48 tooth and had to drop about 3/8th of and inch to make it work. My riding buddy made mine up for me but they are rather simple to make. I did see on here awhile back where a guy used rollers in there and seemed like a good idea.

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