Utah skid plate

Last week I asked you guys about what skid plate to use on my 05 wr450. Most of you said the one from Utah Cycle. Well, that's the one that I got. I noticed when I put it on that it just bolted right in the frame holes from the removed slide plate instead of using the frame brackets that it came with. Does that sound right?? Or do I need to use the brackets? Other then that, it's beefy and it looks great. Thanks for the help.

I just used the single bolt in the upper left corner of the skidplate in the front but I had to use the clamps on the underside at the back. It has been that way for a 1 1/2 years and over 3000 miles and have had no problems.


:D Ohhh...The clamps work in the back, huh? I was thinking that they go in front. Those darn instructions only come with words and sentences and all of that useless junk...no pictures! What's up with that!!! :)

Hey thanks for the help.


Yeah, the clamps are a pain in the pee-pee. I just put mine on Sunday. I was laying under the bike, lining holes and clamps, cursing and swearing...

Glad to hear Jim's experience with not using all of them. Should have NO probs with them on.

Yes - The clamps go in the back. They loop over the inside frame tube, not the outside tube (Its the only way it will work anyway). The top bolt on the front goes in easily, the two below it need to be a bit longer in my opinion, but they will work. Good Luck.

I got a longer bolt for the one to use with a spacer.

The front two clamps go on the down-tubes that cradle the motor. The back clamp goes on the side tube (fore-aft), not the side-side tube.

If you need pics, I'll try...

I only got two clamps (rear) and 3 bolts (Front) with mine (05-WR450).

Thanks for all of the help. :)

I only got two clamps (rear) and 3 bolts (Front) with mine (05-WR450).

That may be the difference - I have a '99 WR400. I got 4 bolts (one with a spacer), and 3 clamps.

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