New rims, hub and spokes

I am going to buy a set of trelleborg winter spike tires for next season. I need some opinions as I hear the rear tire is a bear to change by hand on the stock rims with 2 rim locks.

Should I buy another set of rims, hubs and spokes assembled or unassembled for these tires or just get them mounted at the shop? I figure the front is an easier change than the rear.

If I opt to buy another set of rim assemblies are the stock ones better for summer or winter use. In the winter, weight, performance and strength is not as much of an issue as it is in the summer for me. Recommendations?

Thanks for your help and opinions even though it's getting hotter out, Jeff

Does the rear hub fit any other bikes or is it unique to the WR's? I just want to be able to switch easily, maybe it's too foolish and expensive?

Foolish and expensive, yes! But it sure would be nice to have two sets of rear wheels. One for street/ice and one for dirt...

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