Switch from stock 14/49 to 13/50 sprockets

I was wondering if I change the sprockets on my 2000 YZ426F from the stock 14/49 combo to a 13/50 combo for woods riding, will I be able to keep the same chain length?

Also, if I change the needle in the carb to the one from the 2001 model, will I have to mess with the jetting or anything else?

as far as the chain goes, yes you should have no problem, you may simply need to adjust the slider blocks. Typcially I like to have my rear axle farther back, to keep the front end down anyways.


Thats what I ran for northwest trails, great set-up.

Thats what I ran for northwest trails, great set-up.

I'm glad to hear that because the parts guy that quoted me the prices on those sprockets treated me like I was an idiot for wanting to do this to a motocross bike. Fark him and the canoe he paddled in on I say. :)

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