Bike Pics and exhaust

I was telling a bunch of you guys on here about ceramic coating your headers and exhaust. Everyone wanted pics and some info on it.

Cost: $80 complete inside & out on header and just outside of canister

Performance: probably only noticeable on a dyno

Use: pipe cools within 1 minute to the touch, bike has run 15 degrees cooler since having the pipe coated, cooler gas burns better, and hotter exhaust flow boosts performace. It also looks trick. Couldn't tell it wasn't an FMF could yah?

Sorry the pics are of bad quality, it was a disposable and then scanned up. I didn't think to take pics prior to install, I was anxious to get her going again. Let me know what you think of the bike while you're at it.

Shot 1

bike 2

bike 3

Where or how did you get that done. My header tape is getting pretty ratty, so it's time to redo. I like the way that looks. You forgot to mention about 100 degrees cooler on the right leg. :)

It's definitely cooler on the leg. I got mine done here in Mass. Any industrial coating place should be able to help you out. Just ask for the silver-polish ceramic coating.

Bike looks nice Tim :D Where did you get a front disc cover for the BRP.. :)

Thanks! I bought an XR400 one and modded it after learning that's what Xr's only does and then they charge you $15 more for an "XR650R" one. That's how I got it in black too. I think Devol also makes them for our bikes.

Thanks for the link DualSport, :)

Nice ride. :):D Is the coating appear to be pretty durable, is it susceptible to chipping from rocks flying off the front tire? Thanks for the tip on the front disc cover.

Sweet ride, Tim! I work in Worcester. I might have to look up that industrial coating place. That looks nice!

The coating is very tough. No dings in it yet after 300 miles or so.

Salty-if you're looking to get it done, I'll get you the guys number. He does powdercoating to. Did my buddies CR500 frame for $150. He plugged all the bolt holes too so nothing got in the threads. Very nice work...

What would you have powder coated?

Nothing I can really think of. He just does that too. A frame perhaps? I had the chain guard cover ceramic coated too. No more black on that..

Wheels and hubs look good when powder coated and durability is very good when properly done.

Really Qadsan? No kiddin'. When I laced up the excels I wish I would've thought of that. Darn. Nice gold color. Hmmm....

Bike looks good Tim! I may take a ride down to Worcester myself. What kind of longevity can you expect from the ceramic coating?

a good friend of mine does custom powder-coating, but he would charge quite a bit more than $150 for a frame ... you got a good price ... header looks real nice, too :)

Thanks roadcam. Yeah the powdercoating price was sweet. We ride from his house so we're on a friendly basis. Just an FYI, my canister is coated also. That's the complete stock honda exhaust on there.

zx7rye-I'm not sure on longevity, especially in the woods but it's holding up just fine. I will say it takes a lil more elbow grease to get the dirt off of it but it's worth it when she's cleaned up. No more rusted black look.

I'm interested Tim, please PM the contact info. We'll still have to get a BRp group ride going at some point. Hopefully I will be more up to speed in NE woods by that point! :)

The pipe looks great. Thanks for reminding me about this stuff. :) I had a pipe done on another bike almost ten years ago by Jet Hot. It held up great. Time to get rid of the flat black

If ya'll find a place here in SoCal that does this for a decent price.... post it I'd like to get mine done :)

ride on :D

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