Front forks

I have a 04 yz450f bought in august of 04. I have about 350miles on it and it runs like a champ. The question I have is when I am done riding and my forks are warmed up, then I tie my bike down it seems to be extremely easy. When riding they feel great. Can the oil break down in one year or am I just being overly concerned. Is this happening to anybody.

As a MX bike you should be servicing the forks and shock every 3-6 mo depending on how much you ride - I always change out the stock fluids the first 2weeks to 30days after break in - if yours has never been serviced do it!!!!!!!!! You will like the changes. IF you weigh more than 195lbs, with your helmet or gear - consider heavier spring rates and different oil levels :)

Dave is right. The stock oil isn't as good as it could be. Using a higher quality fork oil with a better viscosity index (the ability to resist thinning with temperature) will help the forks behave more consistently. Maxima, Amsoil, Belray, etc., are good. Calls for 5wt.

I use Mobil 1 Dexron III ATF in mine, and I like it a lot. Might want to try that.

Check your manual concerning the procedure for pumping out the old and refilling the fork. Getting all the air out is important before setting the level.

Actually the Yamaha 01' oil seems to be pretty darn good. The YZF suspension is known to be very stiff when new. Also after one year you should definitely change the oil.

Yamaha's 01 fork oil does work well when you use it for a fork oil change. But I sometimes wonder if that's what the bike is actually shipped with, given how much better the forks work once you change it for the first time.

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