Proud new owner, '00 650L

The bike is killer. After touring around on my neighbor's Kawasaki KLR 650 the last month, my Honda XR 650L is showing superior performance. This is after only one ride home from the dealer, in the pouring rain and wind mind you. The acceleration and handling is phenomenal. Even thought the XR is supposedly heavier, it seems much more nimble and responsive. Needless to say, my neighbor is putting his KLR up for sale and is in the market for an XR. For you experienced owners, what are the primary advantages and disadvantages of the FMF pipe my bike came with. It sounds great, and as stated previously, seems to have plenty of torque and acceleration. Where does everyone shop for aftermarket accessories to customize your bike. It feels like Christmas morning in my neck of the woods!

Congrats on the new pig. The TT store has some great deals as well as others like Rocky Mountain. The FMF pipe is lighter and provides better breathing. Do you know if the bike has been jetted? UNI air filter? Daves Carb mods? search on this fourm and just about everything you want to know is on here.

It's one of the main reasons I bought an L. LOTS of parts. Big variety- aftermarket and stock. Basically the same bike for many years. Makes it very appealing to aftermarket mfgs. for sure...

Just this morning I was reading in dirt bike magazine about the 07 XR650L, dated design, based off the bike that Scott Summers rode and won many hare scrambles with (the XR600R) capable in the dirt. They said. But dated.

Dated schmated. This is a legendary bike. It combines everything t hat any true dualsporter would want - off road capable and street worthy. It does neither really well, but it IS a comprimise. I love my XR650L and would NEVER sell it. No it's not a featherweight (what do they expect from a 650!) but once uncorked and able to breathe wow what a bike.

Glad you like your new toy! there is nothing liek it - nor will there ever be. Sure you can go buy a KTM525 etc, but for me this is the epitome of a dual sport bike, in that, it is so universal. Plus I think they look good too (once the dumbo wings are removed).

I agree.

It is a pig at around 350lbs. wet, but REALLY good dirt manners for a compromise bike...

I have the FMF powercore4, and was disapointed with the noise and has only gotten louder.

As for aftermarket you can find some stuff on ebay, and xrs only has a lot of parts for the L model.

Congratulations on the new bike, much better than the KLR :cheers:

Congrats on the new bike! :cheers: i have the FMF Q2 exhaust on mine and really like it, was alot lighter had a noticable power gain and isnt too loud.

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