Bike stalling

Hey guys my 05 yz450f is stalling when I give it a quick twist of the throttle,not all the time. I'm running Rekluse and all my adjustments are correct with it and the install gap has been checked twice to make sure it was correct. I can feel it disengaging! When I go to get back on the gas sometime it will just shut off. Usually starts back up on first or second kick. I'm running stock jetting with the pilot screw out about 1 turn more than it was from factory. Bike also has a pro circuit t-4 slip-on. Everything has been running great but I noticed this when I installed the auto clutch. I'm kinda leaning toward jetting.Bike has around 20hrs on it. Any ideas would be great guys...



It depends on: how low your idle speed is, and; how hard you're twisting the throttle. I see your screen name is RM Racer, so I assume you're a recent convert from 2-strokes. You may need to learn a little finesse. Rolling the throttle on, instead of snapping it open instantly, is the way to go. You just have to open the throttle a little more gracefully in the first quarter turn, allowing the RPM's to build a little, and turn the throttle faster as the revs rise. Once you learn it, it will sound just as snappy as anything, and you'll be doing it as second nature.

If you still think there's something that needs to be done to the bike, do a search for accelerator pump mods. There are a couple running around the site. Be sure the mod is for your bike, and don't go by how it acts in neutral (timing's different).

greyracer513...You right about the 2 stroke part,I am a recent convert from a 2 stroke. I guess I was use to the quickness the RM had when I could go from idle to full wide open and not cut out. Thats what I'm use to and thats a habit I'm going to have to break the way it looks. The next time I ride I will do what you said and see how that goes. Later down the road I might put the accelerator pump cover on from boyesen,hopefully that will help out. Thanks for the help!!!

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