Gas Tank

Does anyone have a stock gas tank that would fit a 1996 XR600R that they would like to sell. I destroyed mine this weekend. I really don't need an oversize tank. Most of the riding I do is well within the range of the stock tank, and besides, I don't think I need anymore added weight up top.

Thanks, Mike

I have a '05 that had only 3 tankfulls run through it. Bright, shiny, no dents, dings, or scratches. No cap or petcock (transfered to clark). Yours for 50.00 plus shipping? :)

Its a deal on the tank, but I'm not sure if it would fit. You say it's an 05. My XR is a 96, the old air cooled one.


Not sure on the fit. My new one is aircooled also, and so much of this bike has remained unchanged over the years. Maybe someone out there on the forum knows if it will fit. I'll have it if ya need it.

So I looked it up on an online microfishe and it appers you have shrouds for more cooling. I also talked with the local honda dealer and he say it won't fit. Thanks for the responce and I guess I'll just keep looking.


You dont want it either. It's steel.


BTW how the hell did you destroy your gas tank???

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