Brake light switch for WR250f?

Any one put a rear brake light switch on their WR? I am looking for one that screws into the fitting on the hydraulic line. Maybe one from another manufacturer would work?


Check out Baja Designs. They work pretty slick.

WRDUDE, do you have the baja street kit on your bike. I have ordered mine. If you do how long did it take you and what did you do about space on the bars for you signal switch, de-comp, and clutch.

Dubbs, No i don't have the whole BD kit just the brakelight switch.

Electrex and Rocky Mountain also sell the brake switches. I orderd mine from Electrex. They were way cheeper than RM.

Dubbs...just so you know, but WR tail light comes wired for a brake light. There's a 3rd wire there if you look. The hydrolic brake banjo bolt should do the trick to activate your brake light. And, appearantly, the WR headlight is also high-beam capable. You just have to ad the switch, with a wire to the 3rd prong on the headlight.

Of course, the big question is, what's legal in your state. Michigan is pretty liberal...Texas isn't too bad either. Nevada is particularly nice. Just find out what your local laws are, but you may be able to get away cheaper than you think.

Just tryin' to help.

Dubbs- If you would like I can take a pic of my set up tonight and e-mail to you.

I've had a Baja Designs kit on my bike for about 2 years now. If you're really bored you can search for my posts on Thumpertalk about the kit. You would see that my opinion has gone from 'best thing since sliced bread' to 'a piece of garbage' during that time. The main problem was with the switch. It's not designed to stand up to a dirt and moisture. Mine finally gave up the ghost a few months ago and I have replaced it with a series of switches from the local electronics surplus supply store for a lot less than the BD switch cost. The only benefit to a "multiswitch" is that they take up less space on the handlebars than a homemade kit like mine. (I'll see if I can borrow the digital camera from work to take a couple of pictures.) Also, the BD kit is overkill on the wiring. A friend with an '01 WR426 did his entire dual sport kit from scratch and saved a lot of money and weight. The only things you have to buy from BD or other motorcycle dealers are the hydraulic brake light switches. If you want to add a battery, then a simple rectifier in between the battery and the voltage regulator will work just fine. Everything else you can make yourself and save a lot of money.

Sorry for the poor qualitypicture.JPG

Left to right


Clutch under the ICO switch

Comp. lever

Baja Designs switch

Acerbis mirror mount

Over here in Australia the WR's come with a switch block, brake light sender, horn!!!, Hi & Low beam switch etc. Have you guys thought of sourcing these particular items from here? The way the Aussie dollar is you should be able to pick them up quite cheap. :)

Are there any TT members from Australia that would act as the middleman to ship Yamaha part to the USA? My dealer tried to order them here and was denied.


I think I can help you out. What components are you looking for? The Australian WR's come with a wiring harness that connects in with the original harness that accomodates indicators, Hi/Lo Beam, front and rear brake lights, horn, speedo etc.These components are made by an Australian company called YZF Engineering who make the Aust WR's road worthy. The harness is approx. $115.00aus (I know this because I had to replace mine thanks to a couple of hungry mice.) I don't know the price of the switchblock, brake sender etc. but I can find out for you. If you would like some photos of the components, I'll borrow a digtal camera tonite and take a couple of snaps of the switchblock etc. so you've got a idea on what I'm going on about.


I would be interseted in the aussie DS componets also. Thanks

Hi Guys. Here are a couple of photos of my bike and the switchblock etc. If you would like a copy of the Australian wiring diagram follow this link.

I'll try to get hold of some prices for you within the next couple of days. You might also have some luck sourcing some of the products through YZR Engineering. Tell me what you think.






oops I'll try to post the pictures on again.

Bike%26.src=p h%26.view=t

Bike%26.dnm=front%2bbrake%2bsender. jpg%26.src=ph

Bike%26.dnm=my%2bbike.jpg %26.src=ph

Bike%26.dnm=rear%2bbrake%2 bsender.jpg%26.src=ph

Bike%26.dnm=rear%2blights%2betc ..jpg%26.src=ph

It looks like it's not going to work!! I'll try one more time.Bike%26.src=ph%26.v iew=t


I would also be interested in the Australian wiring harness and switches, we should be able to order with a credit card and the exchange rate should take care of itself. Lets talk and figure out a way to do it, gotta be cheaper than a regular dual sport kit.


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