5052 Alum vs. 6061 Alum skid plates

Hey guys, I'm looking at two skid plates. One is 5052 3/16" thick aluminum for $60.00 and one is a DG 6061 .190? thick aluminum for $87.

What's the better deal? If the 5052 is plenty strong enough for the money then I'd go with that. But if the 6061 is way stronger for $27 is it worth it?


Doesn't you bike already have a glide plate? If not, I'd go with cheaper one.

Dolce, it's actually for my new YFZ but I figured I'd post in this forum to see if anyone better knew about aluminums.

I just need to know how big .190 is and what's the difference between 5052 and 6061 - just size or strength too?

Both are 3/16" thick, 6011 is stronger.

Dolce, thanks, are you postive?

Why do people measure in .190 when the average person doesn't have a clue what that relates to in inches?

Well, I think I'll save $27 and go with the cheaper plate if they are both 3/16" thick.

1/16"=.0625" 1/8"=.125" They are indeed the same thickness and should be tough enough. I would go with the one that offers the greater coverage. The 5052 may be a tad lighter.

Awesome, thanks Buckwheat. I'll go from there, that's all I needed.

go with the $60 glide plate. plenty strong enough for what you should encounter. unless you plan on casing some large rocks. then you might want to double up on them... :)

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