Carburator Clip Position

I recently uncorked my pig. The problem is I think that I did something wrong I put in a 65 pilot and a 165 main temp is between 80-90 at 1800-2000ft. Would a clip position in the wrong place cause a hesitation in the low to mid range? I put it in the 4th position like is suggested in one of the uncorking sites, The jetting guide in THE PIG PEN suggests the 2nd position. Any help would be great, thank you. :)

Put in a 68s pilot jet and a 172 main. The bike should run fine. You did all the uncorking right?

68s, 172-175 main, needle in 3rd clip position........... :)

Depends if the needle is stock or the B-53 series.... 4th for stock, 3rd for B-53. Lots of people have stated they have better luck leaving the stock in the 4th position as opposed to the B-53. They state the B-53 is a bit rich unless you do wide open riding all day long...

Hey Eric,

Since you are running at a density altitude of about 4500' (2000' @ 90F)

I think you are way rich on the needle. I think if you go to the No 2 position (second from the top) on the needle you will probably not have to touch anything else.

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