Need to put the wr450 on a diet

please list all the things on the wr450f that i can take of to save weight. I do like the electric start tho so thats staying. Ive been on the mx tracks alot any weight i can save i'm sure will help.

Ditch the headlight, odometer and put a YZ number plate. Get a titanium/aluminum exhaust. Lose the rear fender with light for a YZ fender. Lose the radiator reservoir. And lastly, fill your tires with helium...SC

The kickstand, one of the rimlocks on the rear wheel and everything else clark4131 said. I am still looking for a light weight battery for mine.

thanks guy's, keep em coming.

Can I buy the headlight from you? Busted mine, and I ride the North Idaho woods after dark. Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!!! Besides, I'm scared of the dark.....

Strip it no lights, stands, or excess plastic. Re-gear for track. And YZ time it.

Suspension is also just as important as weight. She is to soft stock.

I just got a new YZ and it's amazing how simple yet effective it is.

thanks alot for the help...

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