Can any of you Guru's recomend a road legal exguast that will not sacrafice any power to my WR 426F, if so, will I have to change any of the jetting :)

Not sure what "road legal" in Engalnd is from a decible standpoint, but the FMF Q is a consistently quiet pipe for the WRs. You will likely need to rejet as it breathes much better than stock.

Sorry for not being specific, I am currently running with a white bruv E series with titanium header pipe. Things are getting a bit hot over here in respect of noise levels :) . What I need is a system that will give the same power to the bike but does not roar as much (shame) will the system you have recomended give the same power and not choke it up ?? :D

Sorry, 94 DB is the limit here !

Georgie, I actually think that the stock pipes on the Euro/Canadian bikes are alright for what they are. They are just about the quietest pipes I've heard on the WR. Another good solution for you is to get a US WR pipe and install a PMB insert in it, pretty good performance while keeping you stealth around town.. White Bros E2 is also a good performer, FMF has about a dozen pipe out to choose from, it all depends how many pounds/euro dollars you want to spend... cheers..

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