picked up my 05 yz 450 last night

holy crap 1st gear is tall :D i knew it would be but its like 2nd gear on my wr. i'm putting 13/52 on, and changing over my rekluse. i'm pretty sure its gonna need some fww also. suspension in the rear feels a whole lot better than i thought,i ordered a 6.0 renton ti spring we'll see if i can get away w/out revalve. the front feels good but rides low and initial movement is harsh,great bottoming resistance,factory connection says they can straighten all that out,and respring to match the 6.0 rear for a minimal fee :) i havn't hammered it yet but the power seems very linear(good thing for woods) the bottom is kinda week,so i'm changing over my powerbomb and p-core 4,putting in a power now, also putting my icat on,so all that should wake up the bottom. what i can't get over is how much lighter it is; i took 20lbs off my 04 wr and this things still 11 lbs lighter! basically the same bike? i'm sure i'll end up adding 5 or so back in gaurds and such. i'll beat it into compliance :) overall i think its a smarter move to make a yzf woods freindly than it is to try to modify a wr for harescrambles. i do have a ? for anyone running 13/52 on a 05. whats its top comfortable speed on a open fire road? i'm hoping i'll still be able to run 55-60?

whats its top comfortable speed on a open fire road? i'm hoping i'll still be able to run 55-60?

04 yamaha hits the rev limit in 4th at 90.7mph on pavement. pulled from another forum

NC welcome to the MX side - I also had the WR and the YZF and there was not much similarity -

I can not tell you about gearing for the woods as I am a MX only rider - but your suggestion seems too tall to me - I would think being a 4speed a 14/51 or 52 would be max for the tight eastern woods that you will be in - :) don't take my advice....as I was happy with WR ratios -

You should add the Quickshot for better throttle as you found out on the WR

Enzo did my 03 suspension and I have been thrilled with it - you should contact them for ideas on the 05 also - 714-541-5218 :D

stock gearing on the 05 yzf is 14/51 waaaaay too tall for the woods. i'm putting on the 13/52 as we speak i'm guessing it'll be just fine. the boyesen ap is on order. i'm leaving the one on the wr to sell as it helped so much with throttle control i'd feel bad taking it off! glad to hear i'd do 90 stock,so going down one in front and up one in rear still oughta be over 70? so quick jounts at 60 should'nt be a problem,theres not to many times i've ever used 5th on my wr anyhow. man that 739 rear is crap! putting on the maxxis SI asap :)

Gongrats on the new 450! I purchased a hold over 04 still in the box about a month ago and love it! The stock gearing on it is 14/48 and like your 05, is way to tall in the woods. I rode a tag team cross country last weekend and went to 12/50 to get geared low enough. I know the 05's have changed the ratio of first gear so 13/52 might work depending on how tight of woods riding you do. We were running 25 minutes for a 10 mile lap, but it was extremely muddy and slick!! S12 Michelins are the ticket in that stuff!

Congrats on the bike. I love my new 05. I was happy with everthing but the 1st gear. It did great ok fuel for 1.8 Gal in St Anthony and it hauled up Choke :) I ran with some hondas and figured they would smoke me with my 4 gears and lack of riding skills but I passed them but the hill was soft and I had a 10 paddle on so that helped out alot. My friend had the same exact bike and was brand new also and he had an 8 paddle it seemed a little faster in the bolws but in the pull I had a big advantage. The chain did great I think I can get a few more dune trips out of it or I hope. Other than the tall first gear the bike works great but in the dunes I don't notice it much. Also I was watching my friends when he went over a razer back and the vent tube was blowing sand away from it would that ever suck sand up?? I hope not.

"and the vent tube was blowing sand away from it would that ever suck sand up?? "

The big black tube comeing from the top of the engine right? (just had to make sure)

ya i noticed that on my 03 yesterday, i could feel air being pushed out 6 inches away, is this normal? thats a lot of air, i dont think my v6 isuzu rodeo pushes that much air.


Yep thats the one. I just don't want any sand getting up in that. Or in any other part of the bike that sand does not need to be. I put an outerware on my airfilter and I just changed the oil I should have changed it way sooner but it'l live. Also I have heard that some people are re routing the carb vents should I do this???

just got done riding with the 13/52 and its about perfect still maybe a little tall but once the rekluse is in it'll be unstoppable. i'm thinking of throwing in a +8 flywheel but i'm gonna wait until i install the rekluse maybe a +5 either way i think its gonna need a little. the crankcase hose can be vented to the airbox if you drill the proper fitting into it(i did this on my wr) and run the two clear hoses that criss cross the top of the carb up into the airbox tie them together and just let them dangle inside the box. i played with the suspenders a little,they respond much better than the wr stuff did,they should out do the 46mm kayaba works forks i had if they're done properly. i think i'm going with factory connection,they have a whole stable of pro's. :) i'm also gonna put on the 2.8 gal clarke off the wr. thats one of the reasons i got the 05 instead of waiting for the 06,all the parts change back and forth on the 04 wr,i'm even putting the old plastic on the new bike(it was all yz'd) :D man this thing rips(i've probly only had it about 1/2 throttle to breaker'in) and handles sooo much better :)

I would take all the parts possible off the WR and put them on your WR or Ebay.

The retards I have sold bikes to would have never known or cared.

Does the rekluse eliminate compression braking also?

only below its set stall speed,mines set at about 2000-2200 rpm. it's still engaged on decel until that rpm. i don't know that alot of people use them for MX i'm setting mine up for HS

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