Acerbis Rally Guard - Fixes

I've got a crack in one of my rally guards that needs fixing - anybody had any luck with repairs? What did you use - superglue?


Drill a tiny hole at the crack tip. This will distribute the stresses at the crack tip and stop any further growth.


Use some type of epoxy glue. Typically this glue comes in two separate containers and begins to harden when mixed. I've found it to be some tough stuff. Maybe you should try the drill AND glue method. If all else fails, duct tape it! If this won't fix it, it is really broken! :)

The only way for you to fix those handguards is to ditch the plastic ones and make you up a set out of diamond plate :) Might as well make a set os diamond plate radiator guards while your at it :D


Hey Brian, have you tried welding them with a soldering iron. My next door neighbour is all ways crashing into something and has in the process become quite good at welding guards, headlights, number boards etc, just with a domestic soldering iron.

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