I need hop up help,,,please!!

Well I own a 2003 yz450 that is in excellent shape .I was going to sell it and buy a 05 rmz450 but I am a yamaha guy through and through so I decided to take about $1800 and invest it into carbon fiber goodies,new exhaust,sprockets,chain sliders but I dont know where to start.I have seen anodized axle guides,,but dont know where to get them,.I have seen all carbon fiber forkguards,skid plates Thanks for all of the help,,,craig :)

i have put on a few carbon fiber pieces on mine and am satisfied with it

i purchased alot from ebay...

skid plate... 40$ ebay

frame guards... 100$ from Yamaha dealer.... GYTR

i have the carbon fiber upper fork covers... 30$ from ebay

i purchased some carbon fiber lookalike sticker and applied it to my lower fork covers and front brake line cover thing as well as to the rear brake protector and they look GREAT... just took my time and used a heat gun

i also purchased a new set of levers from ebay for around 20$ that look like they are wrapped in carbon

now i just need a black background number plate kit and a carbon fiber airbox and ill be happy...

i have seen carbon fiber crank case and clutch side engine covers in magazine but never for sale?

those would look quality

and there is also a GYTR carbon pro exhaust system on EBAY right now... bidding is around 200$ but will probably finish near 400$ i bet

that pipe looks real nice

I was looking in the thumpertalk classifieds yesterday and there is lots of goodie's for your 450 in there :D:):)

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