Edelbrock Question - Drain/vent tubes?

I've got the carb on my XR650R and everything seems to be in good shape, but I have 2 questions that are not addressed in the instructions that came with it:

1 - What are the 3 plastic tubes that come from the carb? 2 are larger than the other and are obviously drains of some sort, with the ends cut at an angle.

3 - Where is the best place to run these? In particular, I wonder about the 1 thinner tube, since it doesn't look like a typical drain. Does it go someplace special?


They're oveflow and vent tubes, which are common on all carbs. From what I recall, I rounted my tubes between the shock spring and swing arm. I also recall the smaller tube being routed down and through a hole in a small rectangular plate which was bolted to the fuel bowl. I'd have to look to be certain and I'm not near my bikes right now, but that's what recall.

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