wr450 levers the same as YZ450 levers?

Hey guys, I've been eyeing some cool levers for my bike for awhile and now that I've fubar'ed the brake lever its time to buy some.

The levers I want are Moose Competition levers (with the rubber grip on them) but according to the downloadable parts unlimited catalog (PG 603) they don't make them for WR's but they do make them for YZ's.

I was under the impression that yz's and wr's had the same levers (and several other manufacturers list the same part number for both bikes) so is there something different about the Moose Competition levers or has moose just not crossreferenced these parts?

Is it a safe bet that parts unlimited part #M557-43-33 will fit my 04 WR450? :)


Not sure about the brake but I know the clutch lever on the '05 is different. Tried 3 aftermarket levers and none of them would work. Had to go OEM. :)

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