YZ 426, Brand New to Me

You will love the hot cam upgrade once you get it. When I bought my 02 426 6 months ago I had the exact same problems. The guy I bought it from started it in two kicks. When I got it home I tried for two days to get it started. I finnaly took it to my neighbor and he started it right up. Each bike has its own system. I know my bike inside and out now and I can get that thing to start easily now cold or hot. It is just a matter of experience with the bike. Once you learn the drill and spend time riding it you can get it started very easily.

It also runs hot. I was washing my bike late one night and I started it and left it on the stand for a minute to turn out the lights and move it to the garage. When it came back I sat on it and thought "since when did I have a red light on my bike"? I quickly learned the header pipe glows a bright red after just a minute. I also learned the 426 gets hot real fast so I dont let it just sit and idle very long. Engine Ice works well for me.

You may also want to buy a set of radiator braces or radiator guards. I ride my bike on tracks and woods and I was glad the couple of times I wrecked that I had them. Just my .02 cents

Have fun with your bike. You will love it. :)

I had the same problem with my bike when I first got it. For the 1st month or so if the bike stalled I was lucky if I could re-start it, a few times there was no way it would start and then I'd foul the plug. I took the plug out about 10 times that first month. Thought I had made a mistake buying the bike then I made few changes that made all the difference. Adjusted the fuel mix slightly leaner, new plug, use 94 octane gas and discovered how to use the hot start leaver. Now when I first start up the bike give it 2 twists of the throttle it will almost always start on the first kick. I also bought a Rekluse clutch, it's the ideal thing if you ride trails. Give it a bit of time you'll figure out what works.

...new sparkplug... :)

If you do the cam mod, you'll need a decompression plug ^^look up and to the right on this page^^

Also, you dont have to buy a recluse clutch for $500.

Do the '01 clutch mod for $100

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