XR650R Sub frame/Rear Fender Support question

I have a Dual-Sported xr650r that I need to find

subframe/ rear fender support so I can use a Rack-it

rack and/or panniers. I've seen pictures of the SRC

and the Four Stroke Works fender supports. Any

opinions on which one works better?

Thanks, Bob

The SRC subframe extension is probably stronger than the subframe. It is hefty and I would not hesitate to have someone ride double with that extension.

SRC subframe extension

I have the SRC sub frame and it works very well for me. It is built real well. I do not think SRC sell the license plate holder any more as I broke mine and wanted a replacement from them and was told sorry. I guess guys were complaining that their plate was lying on the ground 50 miles back. SRC decided to stop producing the holder.

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