New Member, Anyone wanna ride in Massachusetts?

Greetings all. Thanks to everyone who contributes here. All of the

information was extremely helpful in my choice to go ahead and buy my new

2000 WR400. Yeeehaaa...

I'm just getting into riding again after about 14 years away and I'm having a blast so far. Soon, I will race my first


If anyone is interested in going riding on the weekends, pretty much anywhere in Central/Eastern MA, Southern NH, RI, let me know. Right now my roommate is my only riding buddy and his schedule doesn't match up with mine often. MY NEW BIKE IS TOO CLEAN!!!


I went riding w/ Mike68 the first time on Thursday. We went to Clough (sp?) OHV Park just west of Concord off of I-89. It was fairly wet w/ lots of puddles but we had a good time. Mike loves to ride and is quite a talented rider. He was smoking on the trails. What is more impressive is he rides a TTR250! His WR426 is on order w/ a deposit.

I work a rotating shift (days/mids/swings). I do believe Mike is on days only.

I live off of Rt. 4 halfway between Concord and Portsmouth, NH.

I am sure Mike would like to hear from you too!


P.S. If you think your bike is too shiny, take it to Moab. A few dents and scrapes would be guaranteed :)


Hello Ted, Hi Kevin.

You want to talk about clean bikes? I thought Kevins bike was brand new it was soooo clean. It didn't stay that way once Kevin started ripping up the trails with it. This guy can rip. I knew the trails a little better, so Kevin chose to follow on most. I went to bed hearing the WR burraaap buzzing around my head like a fly on s#%t! It was awsome riding.

I am planning on riding Friday after thanksgiving if you guys are interested. My friend Brian, another wr owner will be riding with me as well. We will be running on some powerlines. I would love for you guys to join us. We did run into police the last time we rode it. They didn't give us a hard time, but they did look to see our plated then set us free. We can work on another route if you aren't road registered.

Kevin, Hope you can make it and all is well. make sure you get that thing all polished up for your next ride!


I will NOT be going to PA for Thanksgiving as planned. If I ccan figure out what to do w/ the kids...I may be roostin' with you the day after Thanksgiving.

Only time will tell, my friend!


It would be great if you could make it. We will be exploring new terrain. It should be fun. Hey, what's the worst that can happen? I don't think it can get any wetter than it was Thurs. I will bring a patch kit as well. I will be home this evening if you want to give me a buzzzz.

BTW Mike,

My tire is still holding air!

I have my patch kit in my tool box this time! DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!! :)

Hey guys, sorry for not responding earlier, I was travelling...

Anyway, I'm dying to ride, just not sure if I can get my hands on a trailer to make it up there on Friday. I'll get in touch to let you know.


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