Texas: Meunster: Tire Question.

The majority of my riding is done at Meunster (Red River) north of Dallas.

It's a combination of Sand, Rock climbing, and some hard packed trails... actually, there is pretty much every type of terrain in the one park. Hill climbs range from soft sand to smooth granite - on the same hill.

I'm just a trail rider .. no MX.. nothing too competative (doing my first enduro this weekend though :) ). I want something with reasonable grip that is going to last a bit longer than a competition tire would last (changing rear's with that dual lock is a chore!).

The bike came with a Dunlop 756 on the rear.

Suggestion on tires from anyone that rides Meunster?

I don't know Meunster from riding experience, but grew up in the area and am familiar with the terrain. For my money, meaning not having to change a tire that wears out after 4-5 rides, I would go with a Maxxis

maxcross IT. Reasonably priced and wears better than any tire I have had before and I have tried most. It will open a big can of whoop XXX on that old 756 tire!

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