DIY Dualsport kit

Any write ups on DIY Dual sport kits.......I would like to mount everything to the stock fender. I'm not very good at wiring, but can you buy all the wiring from baja designs and hook up your own lights instead of buying the kit. Just wondering if anyone has seen a write up on any of the forums or pictures of anything you have done on your own.....I tried a couple searches and came up with nothing



This is a picture of the setup I made for my bike. It works great, and I only have about $30 in it. It is a light gage stainless steel plate with two LED's mounted to it. You can get them at Autozone for about ten bucks each. I actually have it wired reverse polarity. I ran the power wire to the plate, and the grounds for each light back, one to a constant ground (existing taillight), and the other through the brake light circuit. It is held on with two bolts and wing nuts, and is wired with a four pin trailer harness. I can unplug it and take the two bolts out in about 3 minutes. I just tape up the open harness plug when off-roading to keep the mud out. It's my second generation set-up, and it got me through the cop inspection with no problem. I guess the wiring harness put it up another ten bucks or so.

Let me know what you think.

Winkel :)

vtownrida , what bike model and size ?

i just bought an 02 xr650r

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