Air filters?

I am curious what air filters people run? Also which offer the best protection and which have the best airflow? Two last questions - Is there a out of the air box UNI filter for the 650L, (read about it on a earlier post but never heard of it) and how good would it really be?

Not sure about the "out of box" style but I only use UNI. It's the best, IMO.

I am using the K+N on my 02 xr650l.

Uni....... :D:)

I have an in the box UNI on my 04 L. No complaints.

just bought a UNI filter from Baja Designs and it installs right outta the bag in place of the stock paper filter.

Out of the air box K&N works great on my 650L.

Out of the box Uni on my L. I love it.

What's best for the 650R?

PBR-you'll get all different opinions on this one. I've personally tried the UNI and Twin Air. The UNI is the better, IMO. It has a snugger fit(bracing) than the TwinAir did. I really think that's the only difference. However, that's a big one for this bike being it having such a poor airbox design. The K&N will produce the most power out of the three. It will have poorer filtering quality when compared to the other two. However, if you're mainly doing street riding then why not?

Out of the box Uni on my L. I love it.
Out of the air box K&N works great on my 650L.

Where do you guys find these, and did you completly remove the air box?

I use a Uni on my "R" and it's perfect. Tight fit. Nothing gets past. I have seen other posts from people who ride in very fine silt say the Uni allows fine dust into the airbox, where the stock filter does not. I have never seen anything get past mine riding in New England.

I wouldn't use a K&N in the dirt, but that's just me.

Has anyone tried one of the pre-oiled Ready Filters yet? That sounds like a pretty cool deal.

Twin Air, with PJ1 oil and sealing grease at the base.

Sorry, I didn't mean out of the air box, mines just like all other uni's, its the foam filter with its own cage that comes with it, out of its box. I do alot of gravel road riding so its very dusty (mostly at 70-80 mph). I clean it at every oil change and have never had any go past the filter and stick to the intake tube. PJ1 foam filter oil with lots of grease around the edges. I've heard others elude that some paper filters will allow fine dust through but I ran a K&N on an old XT500 for 18,000 and never had problems with it either, same dusty riding too. I just like to be able to clean the thing and know its clean. Hope this helps.

Uni Filter on my Xr650L :)

uni and notoil filters, The gal at notoil said all three manufacturers work well. I like their oil and the way it cleans out easily . I keep a spare filter clean and ready to go . And clean dirty one in spare time. Just remember the air/dust flow will go to path of least(less?) resistance . So keep it clean often , so air/dirt doesn't try to sneak around base when resricted due to clogged pores. :)

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