Adjusting 04 yz450f for tall rider

Hey fellas,

I finally picked up an 04 YZ450F :) !! I'm 6'4" 200lbs and am looking at inexpensive ways to set the bike up to my height and weight. Can I reverse the upper triple clamp to extend the bars out? Also, does anyone make complete high seats besides SDG? I've heard the Renthal Jimmy Button bend bars would be my best option, is this true? If so, is there a place online I can get a good deal? I heard dropping the pegs can be quit a job, does anyone know of any good tech articles I can look at?

Thanks for the replies!


Dropping the pegs is easy as pie on the thumpers, cause the footpeg mount thing is welded to the frame, and you have no clerance issues. You basically, take the footpeg off the bike, cut off the pole thing welded to the peg, grind the remaining metal off to make it smooth and flush. Put the spacer/pole thing on top, switch spring over, and put back together.

Alright well that sounds complicated but it really is not. Now it is complicated with aluminum frame, cause the peg mounts are mounted to the frame by two bolts, and the peg hits the bottom bolt, UNLESS, you do some modifications to the peg like me to get it to work.

By the way im 6'5, so im in the same boat as you. I ordered some Pastranna FMX bars to get the bars higher than the stock ones. Along with the over sized clamps it should help a lot.

The RC High Renthal fat bars are awsome!

The triple clamp is not adjustable so toss it and get aftermarket to move the bars forward. I second the the Renthal RC high bars, the pastrana freestyle are too narrow. I also have the SDG tall seat and Fastway footpegs which can be mounted standard or low. All this will make a huge difference.

Hey, Went through the same issues. I'm 6'6" 215. If your looking for inexpensive do what I did. Do a search and find the spacers that go under the bars so you can keep your triple clamp and add some Honda high bend bars. Drop the pegs. It can be a pain since your pegs are titanium but grind the spacer off with a grinding disk from the bottom and add it to the top. The aftermarket seats are too soft. Get another stock one and trim the foam about 2 inches thick and add it to make the perfect height and you will be able to use your stock cover.

Mine does not even have a dip in it.

Good luck.

lets see some pics of your mods!!

lowering the shifter and back brake levers helped me a ton. I used to miss a bunch of shifts and have trouble using the brake until I did that.

The shift lever just remove the bolt, take the lever off and reinstall it a few teeth down to lower it. I think I moved mine 4 teeth down.

The brake adjusts with the nuts on the shaft. I put it down as far as it would go.

I still need to look into lowering the pegs and getting new bars though... I am still too tall for the bike.

How much drop will the Fastway pegs give you?

Depending on whick triple clamp you have/get, the risers are easy to make. You can get some polyurethane sheets and trim them to the design of your risers and you can get them in 1/8, 1/4 inch thick, Plus it will give some good isolation as well. Just make sure to use a longer bolt. I had my machine shop buddy build me some risers, if you have some one like that around, he races vintage huskys and maicos so he makes a lot of his own parts and made my exhaust guard, check out my garage pics.

Another thing you could do if you have a stock triple clamp is get the big bar adapters and go with a cr high or kx bend. The adapters will give you 1/2 inch or 3/4 on top of the bar height.

I am 6'2" (in heels LOL) and I used the Applied clamp, ProTaper Windham bend and an SDG tall seat on my 426. I did the same thing to my 05 YZ250. Everyone who has ridden my 250 comment out it being " Too tall" LOL.


Satch, where did you get the Applied Top clamp?

I bought the clamp and bars from someone on eBay. $100 for both. Gotta love it.

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