426 Gas Milage???

I own a 2000 YZ426 and was wondering if anyone knows how many miles you can go on a stock gas tank. I need to go 60 miles and I run a 13 tooth sprocket in the front and a 50 in the rear....

Great question, I have been wondering the same? I also have a 2000, but I have no clue what my sprockets are. Does that make a huge difference anyway? :)

I've run 80 miles on a tank. It was a loafing type of ride but over a lot of diverse terrain. I often hear 50 is the range of a 2.6 or so gallon tank.

Depends on the conditions. If you're riding in loose or loamy dirt you won't get as good as you do on the hard stuff.

It also depends on how much you twist your wrist. Ive gotten as little as 35 miles when blasting hard :D and gone as far as 60 when taking it easy :) . You must allways consider your style when planning trips close to the limits of your fuel range. :)

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