anti-fog goggles

Now that it's getting really cold, my goggles get fogged up fast. What the remedy? Use spit? Vinegar? I use the scotts model 89, but removed all the side foam for better ventilation.

There are some very good anti-fog chemicals available that work great. I picked up a little bottle of anti-fog liquid at a home products show a few years ago that works perfectly. It's in my fridge at home so I can't give you name of it, but you can order something similar from Bob's Cycle supply.

I have Scott Turbo Flow goggles for snowmobiling. You can't tell the difference between snowmobile and mx goggles and they don't fog. Even without the chemicals.

MCarp, your best bet is to go with a pair of goggles that have two lenses, just like the ones used for skiing. The dead air space in between the lenses creates a barrier between the warm air next to your face and the cold air on the outside, which helps eliminate fogging. I keep an old pair of ski goggles on hand just for the colder weather. The only thing better than this is one of the spendy models that have a little fan inside to circulate the air inside the goggles.

I concur with what Tim in WA said, but Ill go one step further and tell you that you can go to your cycle shop and get a "double-payne lens" for your goggles. I have the same model as you mcarp. I tried this new lens out a couple weeks ago and absolutley no fogging!!! They are a tad more expensive than the regular lenses but well woth it. No more having to take your goggles off and risk poking your eyes out.

I hope it works for you. Let me know.

P.S. The fan/turbo models they are talking about seem like a good idea but they are very expensive and the fan and the batteries make them heavy.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Since the Scott replacement lens are interchangeable between the modle 89 and 87, I was wondering if these double paned lens are made by Scott? I don't rememeber ever seeing them in my local shop or at the many internet parts shops such as Bob's.

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Great, thanks everyone. Looks like the double pane goggles may be the hot ticket :)

Now if I can just keep my feet warm, I'll be happy. I just installed grip heaters last week , boy do they make a huge difference in keeping your hands toasty!

if you what a cheap way. go with a scott cloth use it right before ride and when you stop for breaks. just keep it in your jacket or pack. it does work.

milkman, thanks for the link on the gore-tex socks. I'm ordering them now, $40 is a small price to pay for warm, dry feet, and you're not worried about getting holes in breadbags, which happened to me both bags yesterday :)

mcarp, How hard were the grip heaters to put on?

Ive considered them before.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F


The grip heaters are awesome! Installation isn't hard, this is the 3rd bike I have installed them on. Thanks for the link on the socks, I ordered them last night.

I'll post a new topic for them so all can see the skivvy..

No problem on the link, happy to do it. I had some trouble locating the socks on the bass-pro website. I live in Springfield, MO home of bass-pro shops so I had a plethra of gortex socks to choose from.

Where do you tap into your wiring for the juice to the grip heaters?


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Can't post new topics again.

Sorry man. I'm working on it. I thought I had it fixed over the weekend but it's crapped out again. I have some questions into UBB.


Hey, s@$t happens. I wish I could help you.

Yeah, I made a post about the heater grips, lost it all. Milkman, you hook the lead of the heaters on the Yellow wire going into the light switch. I grounded to the left side upper oil gallery bolt. The type I used were Kimpex (or enduro engineering, same thing, the thin strips that fit under your existing grips. They do work!

Are the double paned lenses made by Scott? If not, who makes them?

Yep, Scott makes the d-p lenses.

mcarp, thanks for the info. I may look into those.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

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