Rear Fender without light hole

I am removing the lights from my 2001WR426F. Where can I get a front number plate and a rear fender without the light hole? I have been told the YZ rear fender will not fit. I assume the YZ number plate will fit?


I got the acerbis fender and it fit great!

I also got an aftermarket front plate which fit well.


I have the same bike and made it street legal. I had to buy a YZ back fender to attach the new taillight assembly underneath it. The YZ fender works fine on the WR. :)

I have run YZ rear fenders on both my '01 wr426 and '04 wr450. No problems with fit. I also run the YZ number plate but you will need to fab a bracket to attach the top bolt to. Not difficult.

The YZ fender will fit just fine. You might have to make a hole or two for a coolant line or miscellenous hardware, but nothing a drill or a razor can't take care of.

Aftermarket rear YZ fenders have cutouts. The oem you'll have to dremmel.

Yep, I have the rear fender from Acerbis and it fits like a glove. :)

i just put on a yzf rear fender and it gose on fine it sust sits a little croocked due to it hitting the coolent resivor. and the number plate will go on fine you just have to come up with a top mounting bracket, i used a zip-tye works fine

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