free mods question?

Started doing some the free mods to my 03 wr 450 last night, :D but haven't rode it yet. :) I ran the breather hose to the airbox and unhooked the gray wire so far. Planning on others as time permits. My question is after unhooking the gray wire, will I need to change jetting for any reason? If so, may go ahead with some other mods and do it one time. I have a fmf powercore 4 on the bike and it has been jetted for it, and the trottle stop has been changed, but thats all previous owner has done, that I seen. Also, which would be the best way to go, james now, av now, or power now? Going from 2 smokes to 4 strokes has been great, now just wanting make it even better! :) Thanks for help? :D

If the '03 were jetted stock you would want to rejet it anyway as they came woefully lean from the factory that year. The grey wire should not have much effect on jetting once things are richened up a bit.

After I removed my gray wire, I didn't think it made enough of a difference for me to need to rejet. The bike is plenty fast as it is.

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