what is the gray wire everyone is going on about??? :)

What year/ bike

for the wr it gives it the yzf ignition timing adds tons of power, tons!!!!!!

I have a 2001 WR426

is it a single grey wire and where is it...


take the seat and tank off, along the frame you'll find a six prong wire plug, the gray wire is there. check out this months dirt rider mag.

Super easy to do, and a very enjoyable result!

I have a 05 450, is it in the same spot?

I have my tank off is it on the right side and is one side grey and out of the plug its grey with yellow stripe??

also where do i find the free mods.... :D

Also what the plug gap

i just took out the plug and it look like the original one,

all rusty and how hard to get out :)

You probably don't have a grey wire being in Oz and being an 01 426, they only brought the gray wire out on the 05 WR in Oz.

Is the Grey Wire on Canadian Wr's?? If they are...it's gonna go bye bye...just want to know before I rip apart stuff.

Thats good i was looking everywhere

Im off to put it all back together

thanks for your help...

you guys talking about disconnecting a wire?...on my '01 426 I disconnected the blue wire...this makes it start easier...

Bugger off SLowMo, now your just taking the piss.

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