Suspension Modification

I have a 98 wr400 and I am doing more moto-x with it. I am looking into scotts performance to to suspension valving and to lower the suspension 1.5". Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this company. Also what do you guys think about lowering the suspension? The bike seems tall but maybe lowering the suspension will cost in other areas!!

Thanks in advance!!

Ion H.

Clark Mason had Scotts lower his suspension.

Hart, I too have a 98 WR400. I wouldnt take my bike to Scotts, you'll be treated like a number, they dont return phone calls and it will take forever. "Fineline did my forks and they are awsome! They also lowered my friends XR400 and he loves it. Fineline has a lot of expierence with the Yamaha's and they really do care about the customer. Its my belief that they will do the best job for you.

I don't really understand why anyone would want their suspension lowered but hey what ever floats your boat. I had my suspension done by Pro Action of Michigan. They did a great job. The set up was right on the money and the owner said that if it wasn't he would do what ever it takes to get it where it needed to be. Everyone that I have talked to that has had him do work in the past has been 100% happy with his work. It usually takes about a week for the turnaround.

Also, No matter who you go with they should ask you a ton of questions about your ability, height, weight, the type of racing, type of dirt, etc.... that you will be using your bike in. Be honest!!

Dan is right - Fineline is the best.

Fineline Motorsports

7522 Slater Ave.

Huntington Beach, CA

(714) 842-9253


My intention in lowering the suspension is so that in moto-x tight stop and go turns, my feet aren't so far from the ground that the big beast plop's on the ground!! I realize this is not the perfect application of a bike that was designed to be a higher speed bike. Maybe the xr400 is a better slow speed, tight cornering machine. I'm still trying to get the best of everything in one bike!! For me, this bike has come closer than any other.

Thanks for the great advice guys!!


I am also doing more mx and want to have my suspension done. I took my bike by Scotts and talked to George and thought he was great. I like trails the most but do ride enough mx that the stock set up is too soft for me (6'00" 175 lbs without gear). At first George was reluctant for me to change my set-up because it works so well on the trails. But after looking at my bike he said that he could revalve and maybe slightly respring so that it would still be plush on the first of the stroke but get progresively harder so that I won't be bottoming so much.

There are lots of good shops out there. Just make sure they you and they know what you want. Some shops have a tendency to just set it up for mx and it ends up really stiff on the trails. Best of luck.



I had my suspension done by the Pro Action semi trailer at the Bud's Creek MX National this past year. My forks absolutely beat me to death. It was so bad in Moab, I couldn't ride one day. I will be dramatically lowering the oil height. In MXA a few months back, they did a suspension shop comparison. Pro Action forks were rated "POOR" I believe. After MXA lowered the oil height, they became "Acceptible". MX Tech out of Illinois rated superb. I was bummed.

I do not have the luxury of giving the forks back to the "Shop" to fix them. I was told to ship them back to Beaver Falls, PA. I'll just do the work myself.

I may be the exception to the rule here. This is just my experience with P.A. and it is my OPINION.


'99 WZ with all YZ mods, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat.


I had my forks and shock redone by MX-TECH and I REALLY like what that did for the bike. It rides MUCH lighter now and tracks beautiful into and out of corners. The rebuild really made the bike much more stable. One of my buddies also had Fineline rebuild his shocks, and they did an excellent job. IMO - either shop will do a good job for you.

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