XR prts ?

Where do u get a black XR650R fender (or do u get a XR400 ifender instead)?

if u get the 400, do u need to redrill or anything?

Who makes this aftermarket Kick stand?


Finally, has anyone purchesed parts or a bike from the Thumpertalk store?

IS it worth it?

For a black fender you should paint it flat black to reduce glare from headlight.

I got my radiator gaurds, devol, from TT store and the shipping was immediate and price was right!

It is worth supporting the site. I have met more great people here and learned alot and laughed alot!!!

plus brian got that 450 so he need our help...

Use the xr 400 front fender fits perfectly.Found mine on e-bay 16.00 bucks Looks tight as well.

Isn;t that the stock side stand?

I just orderd a couple things from TT and they should be here today. Easy, nice on the phone, and the lowest price I could find.

TT store is great, quick service....... :)

I have a 2003 and the stand in the picture looks different than mine. It might be because the suspension is not loaded.

Does anyone know a good place to have some wheels built near the Burbank (So Cal ) area?

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