'01 426 Smoking

I had just put the 450 in a while a go and it works great. Well I shouldn't say that because I haven't had time to ride. I had the bike started 4-5 times and ripped in the field once since I had done the cam swap. Well today I go start it to make sure all is good for tomorrow. It ran fine but after about 10 seconds it started to smoke pretty good. :) It smoke for about 30sec then I shut it off just in case. The valves were fine the last time I started it :D . It had been sitting for about a month or so since the last time I started it.

Any ideas guys? :)


Oil overfill?

You probably have a leaky valve guide which is not a big deal but when it sits for a long time oil will seep into to the cylinder and rest on the piston. let it idle for a few and if it quits that is what it is if it keeps smoking pretty bad you might check the rings.

Well I started the bike again it smoked a little not as much as yesterday. I let it warm up and went around the yard. All seems to be fine. Now I have to check into valve guides.


it'll be your valve stem seals, not your guides. Doesnt sound like they are that bad, just ride it more :)

Next time you have the head off for inspection would be the time to replace them.

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