another tire question

i know what youre thinking sombody asking another tire question & for that im sorry. ive looked through alot of threads on tires but i confuse easily :) with all that said heres my problem I ride 60% pavement due to that i ride my 650l to work everyday on the weekends i ride fire roads with some pavement riding tires ive looked at are:

dunlop 604

kenda k270

bridgestone tw39

bridgestone tw18

bridgstone tw21

michelin sirac

chene shin c858

duro hf904 median

mce karoo

irc gp-1

irc gp-110

avon gripster (i think this tire has discontinued)???

anyways if anybody has used any of these tires tell me what you thought of them how long thay lasted what kind of riding you did/do

i have bridgstone tw 52 on now 1400 miles & its smooth not good :)

looking to get 4000 miles out of 1 tire so it will last me a summer :D

i ordered the duro hf 904 median

looking to get 4000 miles out of 1 tire so it will last me a summer :)

Crap, I figure I'm doing good if I get 400 miles out of my back tire. :D

max power try putting a tire over the tube it might last longer :)

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