Home made skid plate for my 650L

I got bored yesterday and ended up taking a trip to home depot to get some steel for my new skid plate. Took about 3 hours total from start to bolting it on. Its based off of the BD or Utah skid plate, not as good lookin' but $20 on steel is cheaper than spending $65 on someone elses. There is some splatter due to my 120 volt lincoln electric MIG is gasless, the fluxed wire is only so good... Just figured I let everyone know, it was way more fun than typing in our credit card #'s :) .







Good job!!

I guess if you used aluminum, you would need a special welder?

Thanks! Yes, you need to heli-arc or TIG weld aluminum cause a MIG would just burn right through it. I cant wait to get my hands on one of those, haha.

you did a damned fine job of fabricating that skidplate ... I respect people that make the effort to build their stuff ... beats bling !!, eh? ... :)

Wanna make another one??

Nice job.. :D Makes you feel great when you can fab your own parts... :)

Custom. One question, how much did it cost to use the Utah skid plate as a template? :D

Keep after it and who knows, maybe you'll have your own line of aftermarket accessories some day. :)

Thanks everyone! Truth be told, all I used to make it was a picture from their website and one on someone's 650L and went from there. I just spray painted it the same color, well close enough as the frame and put 2 coats of clear on, I know its gonna get chewed up but at least it wont rust till then :)





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