Triple Clamps

Does anyone know if the top triple clamp off of a 98 YZ400 will fit on a 00 WR400?


Thank you

Actually, I does however; there is only one mounting hole (yz 426 2000). The trip meter is not heavy and one mount is fine.

Heywood, I too have a 2000 426 triple clamp. Actually, I just rode with it for the first time today and love it. The dub-r (99) definately turns better. It is also more comforatable.

I just found out today the triple clamp is a Scotts. A buddy of mine just bought the bike and doesn't want the dampner on it so he is GIVING me the whole set up Triple clamp, Pro Tapers, and Dampner. Even if it does move the bars back I don't think it will affect me that much I'm only 5'7". However I have a 4 gallon IMS tank for a WR on the bike for Desert Racing will it encroach on it or will everything fit. Thanks again

P.S. I'm so glad I found this forum I got this bike new in June and don't know anyone who has one. All of you guys are a wealth of information and prior to stumbling on to here everything I did was trial and error. Again thanks and if any of you guys are ever in No. Nevada let me know and we will go riding

The '98 triple clamp has the "old" handlebar position. They moved the bars forward on the '00 models, so if you mount the '98s, your bars will be closer to you than they were with the stock clamp.

I have a '2000 YZ clamp (the forward bar position) on my '99 WR and I did notice some improvement in steering.

Just something to be aware of.......

is your 00 wr400 stock clamp the same as the 00 yz426 everyone is talking about to move bars up and forward? If so do you want to sell it?

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