A few rekluse questions

First off I hate the 1st gear in my 450 but if I gear it I will run out of speed in the dunes so say I install the clutch and keep the stock gearing and I go for a ride in the mountains will riding slow in 1st gear and slipping be hard on the clutch. If not or so how long should one of these clutches last and whats the cost of a rebuild. In the dunes I tend to use the motor to hold me back alot in the steep hills so can I still do this with the z-start?? Last question can I still use the stock clutch when on a hard pull in the sand to shift or to roost my buddys just like a stock clutch lever?? and one last thing will it slow me down on a hard pull in the dunes or when I am acceling I would think the holeshot would be great but I have never used one. Does anyone have any downsides?? Any help would be great.

I've had mine for a bit less than a year, no problems.

Ride tight trails and it is ideal, before having the clutch I would be stalling on these trails quite a bit. Now it is much smoother and easier to ride trials, and hills and no stalling. It is worth the money. Only negative is you can't bump start, but is a minor issue. Check out this link, I think the answers they give a pretty accurate.


i had it on my 04 wr 450 and am installing it in my 05 yz450 tomorrow. i've geared 13/52 (stock is 14/51) and 1st is still pretty tall for the tight stuff but i'm confident the rekluse will be just right,as i rode around mostly in 2nd on the wr. i'm really liking the close ratio 4spd in the tight woods i ride, but could see how the lack of 5th would negatively affect the wide open such as desert. as far as wear goes,the rekluse does a way better job than even the best pro could do,and after it gets past about 5k rpm the pressure increases past that of stock=less slip= less wear. in the 6 mos and about 800 or so miles after initial break in of the clutch my install gap did not change(which means no clutch wear at all !) but take into consideration that was a wr with 13/51 gearing,but also that most of my tight single track was done in 2nd,which is about the equivelant of the yz 1st. yes the lever still operates as it does stock if you get the manual override(which i reccomend) and yes your engine braking will still be there down to your set stall speed(mines about 2100 rpm) then it freewheels below that. if you find yourself freewheeling and gathering speed down a hill all it takes is a blip of the throttle to engage again. :)

I was reading the all the other post on the z-start and no one seems to have a problem. I think the best thing I should do is just bite the bullet and order one. Were is the best place to buy one?? Is anyone on the forum a dealer?? Also what about set up I read that there are a few springs so since i ride in the dunes and in the woods how would I know what would work the best??

Yup Byte the bullet and get one this will be one of the best mods you will make short of suspension

Here is a write up I did on the Rekluse Rekluse Product Review and no I do not work for nor have any affiliation with Rekluse. I am just a avid High Priest of the church of Rekluse :)

I ran my stock plates first with a manual clutch (stock), then installed them in an EFM auto clutch (good auto just was curious about Rekluse) and then installed them in my Gen 3 Rekluse (same plates and steels) and have never had a problem. That is over 3 years on the same clutch! There is 1 other negative, if you happen to kill it on a steep hill climb it will free wheel to the bottom! (I personally dont really know how you can stall an auto but some have or so I hear). I run the left hand brake and it is sweet. Though installing the lever after more than a year of no lever makes me think it is a clutch and I unconsciously feather it during shifts occasionally. It doesnt do anything since I am under power during the shifts. But it is weird. I am trying to reprogram my mind that the left lever is now a brake and it seems to be harder after years of riding. Get one, you will love it. Al and the guys at Reluse are top notch and they are fellow TTers that developed the product in front of our eyes (those that have been on TT for awhile). I have only read about 1 person maybe 2 who didnt like the auto clutches and I personally think there was set up problems. If you are not a total abuser of the clutch it will do everything you want.

I just checked my gaps after a year and they are still close to the original installed gaps. I have smoked that clutch on some nasty hill climbs and it came out smelling like a rose. Customer service was awesome. Nothing I can tell you that hasn't been covered already. You will like it I think.

I have spoken with Rekluse about a demo program......So, If any one would like to demo one on the North Carolina area let me know.

Supermoto photo....

So were is the best place to pick one of these bad boys up?? Would I have it for next weekend?? Is anyone on the forum a dealer??

I ordered mine directly from Rekluse, but you can order through TT for a few dollars less.

I think I will order from a guy on e-bay his with the clutch override is $420. I rode up pipestone and got realy tired of slipping the clutch. Does the auto replace my stock plates??? now that I slipped the crap out of them? Thanks Guys

it replaces 4-5 of the stock plates with some thicker ones,if your other plates are fried i'd get some new ones. :)

It replaces the steel not the plates. If you fried your plates get new ones. If they are still working well, use them in the Rekluse, I believe it has more clamping pressure than stock. I have run 2 different brands of autos (EFM & Rekluse) on the same plates.

It replaces the steel not the plates. If you fried your plates get new ones. If they are still working well, use them in the Rekluse, I believe it has more clamping pressure than stock. I have run 2 different brands of autos (EFM & Rekluse) on the same plates.

they're both referred to as plates,one is friction plates the other drive plates,drive plates is what i meant.sorry for not specifying :)

So do the stock plates wear out faster with the auto clutch?? If not what is going to wear out first?? I ordered it so it should be hear in time for next weekend. :)

It will be the most bulletproof clutch you have ever owned. You will not being wearing out a set of plates (both) this year unless you just refuse to ever shift and do 5th gear starts.

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