Any of you have dimensions of your aftermarket exhuasts?

A coworker of mine and I were talking about aftermarket exhuasts today at work, when the subject was moved to fabbing up our own custom headers and mufflers etc. Started looking around and we have enough thin wall pipe laying around we can't use anymore to fab up some headers, and was wondering if any of you could provide me with dimensions?

Looking for I.D. and O.D.'s of the pipes, bend radiuses, distances, etc.

I'm planning on playing around seeing what does what with different bends etc, but hoping to start from a proven design first and go custom from there.

edit: needed to add for the 650R.

You have a mandrel bender ...right?

Copy the stock one and make it a little bit larger(.125") ID tubing and try to make both pipes = length....

i don't own a mandrel bender, but have easy access to one. Was just wondering if any of the aftermarkets were different since FMF and Procircuit like to say their headers produce more power then stock.

its not really the fact they they produce more power then stock. aftermarket exhausts aid in the process of producing more power. they move the exhuast out of the combustion chamber faster and more efficiently allowing for more power to be created. we all know power is produced from the combustion of the air and fuel mixture. when you open the exhuast it simply allows for you to squeez more air/fuel mixture into the cylinder to be combusted and remove it from the cylinder fast and more efficiently then the smaller stock exhaust.

remember your exhaust is only as big as its smallest section. if you have a 3in header and a 2in mid pipe, its only gonna flow as efficient as the 2in midpipe will let it. the whoel fmf bomb theory is new to me. im not to sure on how that system works. i been working on helicopters lately not motorcycles to much anymore so excuse me for my lack of knowledge on my behalf.

just out of curiousity what kind of power are you trying to get out of your bike? bottom, middle, or top end? what is the main use of this bike, track, trail, dessert... this could all make a difference when trying to choose an after market exhaust, in ur case, make one!

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