xr600 hp?

Just wondering, how much hp does a stock xr600r have? How bout with an aftermarket exhaust?

Haynes numbers: XR@45, XL@43. Stock.

All XR6's from '85-2000 produced pretty much identical numbers on the dyno, 32-33hp at the rear wheel was the norm for a stock derestricted bike. However, it is easy to get it up and over 40..... a staintune exhaust that i've used on 600's will give you about an overall 10% gain in power although some other aftermarket systems may give you a bigger top-end gain but less bottom end and vise-versa. To put my numbers into perspective, a stock derestricted XR400 puts out around 29 hp (rear wheel), and an XR650R has around the 46 mark, stock derestricted. Hope this helps.


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