Is there a way to clean the dirty oil out...

I ran through 4 quarts of oil and every time the oil comes out black. I ran the bike a bit then drained it ...

Anything I can mix in the oil to clean it out??? I heard of some one using diesal fuel???

Mine comes out looking pretty good. There's about 100cc of oil that doesn't drain. I entertain myself with the idea that the engineers intended that so that there would be something to mess up your workbench when you tear it down, but that's just me being cynical. :)

What kind of oil are you using, and how long do you run it before changing?

You are draining both the engine AND the frame reservoir, right?

The filter housing holds a bit... the bottom filter bolt actually drains into the case, so don't close the case drain until after you've opened the filter housing.

Black? How often are you changing it? If it's getting black then you likely need to change it more often. The oil usually gets dirty with clutch debris and other things before it gets black. That said, it sounds like you're not draining it all. Are you draining bot the frame and the engine?

I cahnge after every 2 motos

Well that sounds plenty often to me. If you're draining the amount that the manual says should be drained for a periodic change then I wouldn't worry.

It sounds like to me you may have some clutch problems. I find when you start wearing your clutch hard which it starts to "burn" the clutch the oil gets dark real fast and its hard to get it clean. You can put a few ML's of solvent into your oil. Not alot tho and start it up just dont rev it much, just let it idle. This will clean it out, do it like two or three times and it will be clean. I use it on boat motors all the time when they sink. Its the only way to get the oil clean again. But I would take a good look at your clutch.

just my 2 cents


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