Acerbis Fuel Line

I'm looking to replace my fuel lines with Tygon, but I have an Acerbis 3.4 tank. When I installed it, I used the line that came with the tank. It looks as though it is 3/16" line, but I'm trying to verify that. No one at Acerbis could tell me yesterday, but not all their people were available for consultation. I want to go to 1/4", but I'm afraid I'll get leakage, and nobody wants that :) . Anybody with an Acerbis tank got some knowledge on this? Thanks much...SC

I just replaced the fuel line on my 03 Wr 450 with the acerbis tank and used 1/4 inch fuel line. there are NO leaks. That skinny hose that comes with the tank when new is awfully small anyway, plus after a while it gets hard and brittle.


Whats the benefit of Tygon?

Whats the benefit of Tygon?

You can see through it & it ages well. :)

I could use some help installing the fuel lines for this tank on my 05 WR450... Can't seem to get the gas to go! The instructiosn suck... Photos would be appreciated...

Where do you purchase tygon tubing?

I use 1/4" rubber fuel line and added small hose clamps at every connection and a real brass T. The Acerbis hose is too short and plastic Y cracks and leaks with time. :D

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