Reusable oil filters?

Just wondering what type of oil filter everyone is using. I'm looking at getting a reusable stainless steel one from Scotts but am not sure if its worth the money.

I did a search and it seems people are just using the OEM paper filters.

Also, I assume the filters are the same between the YZ and the WR.

Any help appreciated.


My OEM unit is a brass screen. I bought an extra and when I change the oil. I put the cleaned one in and clean the other at my convenience. I also make sure there are no tears in the screen, always blow from the inside out.



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Mine's a brass screen as well. I bought a couple extras when I picked up the bike, and chucked the original after a couple oil changes. From what I've read, they should be good for up to 10 changes - as long as there are no tears in the screen, and the seal is not indented to the point of possible leakage. Didn't know that anyone was making paper filters..?

I just bought a Scotts stainless steel reusable oil filter. Yes, they are expensive at $69, but they filter down to 35 microns "absolute" which is 3 times better than the stock brass filter (90 to 95 microns).

Note also that I am in the midst of major valvetrain repair right now (aprox. $500)because of a stupid little spring breaking. See the discussion topic titled "What happens when your compression release return spring breaks".

I figure after blowing all the money for the rebuild (new piston rings too), I might as well try and keep as much of the clutch material and other particles from recirculating in my engine.

I did my initial break-in on Yamalube petroleum base oil like you're supposed to. Then I switched to Amsoil synthetic (10w40w). Now I have to go back to Yamalube once again to get the rings to seat. Eventually I'll be back with Amsoil again - if everything holds together that is. It will be interesting to see how much material ends up in the oil filter this time around.

Cleanliness is next to roostiness. Peace of mind ain't half bad either...



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You can reuse the stock filters as long they don't tear. I'm still using the one that came in my bike, '00 426. I keep an extra one on hand just in case.

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