Raising forks in triples on 02 WR426

Hello all,

I have read a few threads on lowering a wr426 but couldn't find any on fork position. The guy I got the bike from is about 6'3" and I'm just under 6' so I'm trying to lower it a bit. I backed the preload down some but was wondering about raising the forks in the triples. He added applied triples and has them set flush with the top of the forks.

Can I lower them a bit.

If so how much?

Pros and cons of doing this?

I mostly just ride tight trails and no racing if that makes a difference.

Yes you can slide the forks up in the clamp. I would try 5mm at a time until you get to a point you like. The more you go the twitchier the front end will get.

I wouldn't go more than 10-12mm above the top triple with the fork legs.

Yes you can raise the forks through the clamps. It's the first 'mod' that a 426 needs to make it turn better. As said before, it makes it a tad twitchy in the top end, but not too bad. I have mine raised about 10mm, which is as far as my clamp/bar combo will allow. If you mainly do tight trails you wont have a stability problem as it doesnt come into play intil about 50mph (80km/h)

Thanks for the advice. It also has a Scott's steering stab.....should minimize the twitchyness. :)

You may want to increase your rear sag to compensate for the more weight forward effect of moving the forks. Make small adjustments at a time.

Rear sag? Do you mean the pre-load?

Moved mine up all the way to the end of the machined area. About 1/2 inch or maybe a little more. These things are so stable you will not notice any negative effects. It does feel like it turns a little better. The gains are offset by the fact that the stock WR tank/seat do not allow you to move forward enough to get the full benefit.

Anybody have a pic to show the measurement?

My forks (i'm assuming) are in their stock position and stick up passed the top of the triple clamp. Say I raise them 10mm from where they sit now what would be the total amount sticking above the top? :)

just raise them so the top of the fork cap is 10mm above the top of the tripple clamp.

I went 10mm and it is one of the best mods I have ever done on this bike besides the suspension. :)

The throttle stop was the best mod I did.

I raised mine as high as I could with my Bar and triple clamp combo also and it works like a charm. I use the SCOTTs steering dampener so the high speed twitch people talk about is un-noticed.

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