Scotts steering stablizer with 1-1/8" bar adapters?

Anyone run a Scotts steering stablizer with 1-1/8" bar adapters? Scott's says they don't have 1-1/8" setup for my '87 XR600.....It ws not clear if they made a 1-1/8" top triple clamp for mine in the past or not. Anyone have one or seen one? Anyone want to sell one? Any other options? I don't want to go back to 7/8" bars.


Not true! Talk to the techs not the sales people. The '88 and up upper triple clamp will fit. But the bolt on tower won't. You will have to use the weld on tower.


Thanks for the info. I'll call and speak to a tech. What is the issue with the bolt-on tower?

Thanks again.

the '87 frame has a larger diameter thus not allowing the bolt on to work.

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