XR650R Dual Sported Gas Mileage?

OK I am fully aware of how many miles per tank off road, and how much it can vary. ( Hills, Flat, Desert twist of the right hand.) My question is when you dual sported XR650R dudes when riding on the street what kind of gas mileage are ya getting? :)


I can only tell you what I get on my 60 mile loop, 25 miles on hiway and 35 desert, cruising 70 mph on road and 60 mph off road, I do this 3 times a week and add a gallon and a half each trip. The previous owner got 40 mpg allso, every trip is documented in a log book. But I am +1 on the countershaft sprockett and a larger rear tire. I am gearing it taller next tire change, I would like to cruise 80 mph. It will never top my NX650, geared taller, freeway 54 mpg but not easy to handle off road.

10 miles/liter or about 40 miles/American Gallon.

average 35mpg. Thats open desert riding.

road only 40 mpg

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