XR650R kickstand problem

Riding down the slab about 70, I hear this crunching noise like the trans is going out or chain is ready to blow. Look down I see my kickstand is all the way down. This happened several times on the trip. Has this happened to anyone before? Should I: A. Replace the spring? B.Try to put another kink in to tighten it? C. Lube the pivot pin? D. Not worry about it and just let the stand hang down like a clueless idiot? Note: anyone selecting D. will get an F on this quiz. Of course only a clueless idiot would probably ask this question! :)

I say replace the spring, I've gone down because a weak spring on a sidestand. It is cheaper to replace a spring instead of the whole stand.

I agree with Sportster, Get a new spring......... :D

It could be dangerous in a turn with it down.... :)

I agree. Spring replacement will be done when shops open next week. I did take a scary hop going around a turn the second time it came down. It does get your attention. In the meantime, I lubed the pin with some Boeshield T9 and did a few down and release checks. It seemed to snap back better but I don't want to take the chance of spring metal fatigue nailing me again. Thanks for the input guys! :)

Damn man, that's scary! Are you sure you brought it up all the way? I have some helmet cam footage of a friend who takes off with his kick stand down and I'm yelling and reving the throttle to get his attention. The whole time he thinks I'm trying to race him. Pretty funny. I've never had a problem with my stand.

Oh yeah, it was all the way up when I started. I went out today to test my mirror modification and check the kick stand issue. Went out on the freeway, windy as hell today clocked 77 mph stood up, bounced up and down. Then headed for the local dirt and did a few whoops at 40+, then back on the fast slab to home. Stand didn't come down at all. All I did was lube the pin with the Boeshield. So my conclusion is: weak spring unable to pull up against slightly frozen pivot pin so as the bouncing worked the stand down, the friction overcame the spring tension and just allowed the stand to keep getting lower, and lower and lower until holy S--- man! :)

as far as lube is concerned just read in mcn..dupont teflon multi-use lubrication..use it for chcains too...looks like it's really dakin.

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